Górski Park is a blog about sports, with particular focus on football, water polo and basketball. But in Górski Park you won’t find annoying rumours, nor articles concerning the intimacy of athletes.

Górski Park is a calm, peaceful place where to discuss about the various implications of sports, which go far beyond their natural boundaries and disclose cultural, historic and politic implications.

The name of this blog has been insipired by the legendary figure of Kazimierz Górski, the head coach of allegedly the best ever Poland national football team. Górski Park wants to pay the tribute to his extraordinary man, but it is also a homenage to “Gorky Park”, a book set in the homonym park in Moscow.

Similarly to the novel written by Martin Cruz Smith, some stories of Górski Park are related to a specific region (Eastern Europe) in a specific period (the years of the Cold War). But you will read about basketball in Israel, football in the Vatican and water polo in Afghanistan. You will read about notable players as well as almost unknown heroes.

Visiting this blog is like entering a public park. You can read something in silence. Or you can listen to somebody speaking. Or you can tell your own story and have a say on a topical issue.

Welcome to Górski Park.

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