Cavani, Suárez and the Uruguay Paradox



Both of them were born in 1987. Both of them can score a goal with the right foot as well as with the left one. Both of them can flash the ball into the net with a header, from inside the box and on a set piece.

Above all, both of them are current top scorers in their respective leagues and share the same homeland – Uruguay. The national team will partecipate in an international competition to be held in Brazil. Paradoxically, it might be the Confederations Cup rather than the more prestigious World Cup.

Despite boasting Edinson Cavani, Serie A’s most prolific striker, and his Premier League counterpart Luis Suárez, La Celeste are unexpectedly struggling on their road to the main event, with serious possibilities to be eliminated.

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The AC Milan Axiom: whenever Balotelli scores, Berlusconi gains votes



In a country where pork barrelling has consistently affected the outcome of elections,  football, Italians’ most loved sport, could not escape from such dynamics. Silvio Berlusconi is allegedly portrayed as the man who epitomises the relationship between politics and calcio: he became the Prime Minister for the first time in 1994, alluring the majority of electors using a simple but influential register full of footballing metaphors and exploiting his image of triumphant AC Milan chairman.

Once again, his chance to win the elections might be strictly connected with the destinies of the Rossoneri. Perhaps having learnt a few lessons from the past, many newspapers drawed a direct line between the signing of erratic striker Mario Balotelli from Manchester City and the opportunity for Berlusconi to increase his political consensus. The three-time Prime Minister has already made a smart use of his renowned football club for propaganda purposes, beginning from his announcement to “enter the field” in 1994.

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A Christmas Football Carol: the AC Milan v Christmas Stars saga

“Christmas brings out the best in people”. Perhaps, that was the main idea conceived at AC Milan headquarters in via Turati in early December 1992. Milan was at the time the home of one of greatest sides in European football. On the other hand, it hit the headlines as the epicentre of Tangentopoli, a huge bribery scandal involving prominent political parties. The image of Italy’s industrial capital city absolutely needed to be purified and AC Milan board decided to couple football and charity with a friendly match between the Rossoneri and a team made up of foreign crackerjacks. For the game was supposed to be held in late December, this special team would bear a particularly appropriate name – Christmas Stars.

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Another “Apocalypse Now” Era for AC Milan?

When AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi heralded the visit to his squad at Milanello training ground and the pep talk ahead of today’s catchy Serie A game in Naples, many journalists recalled his notable appearance on a hot, cloudy 16 July 1986.

On that day, he landed on the Arena di Milano multi-purpose stadium aboard of a helicopter with the music of Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, somehow aping one of the most memorable scenes from Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece “Apocalypse Now”.

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