The Author

Simone Pierotti

Born on a freezing day in early January 1985, he grew up in Viareggio, on the northern shores of marvellous Tuscany. He became football-addicted thanks to the 1994 World Cup, but perhaps water polo is his greatest love. He practised this sport for one decade, he has been working as a freelance journalist for newspapers, radio stations and online publications for a longer time.

He loves the romantic tales by Eduardo Galeano and Osvaldo Soriano as well as the anthropologic view on football of Simon Kuper. He adores his two cats, 1980s music and Eduard Hopper’s paintings and is interested in the famous Carnival of Viareggio. He attended a MA in Sports Journalism in Sheffield and has fond memories of his six months spent in Athens.

A typical prophet of the Italian body language, he can also speak and write in English and Spanish. He runs a blog in Italian on the same topics and has worked as a cartoonist and illustrator of books for children. He still wishes his (South) American Dream to come true.

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